• Image of Egyptology - The Skies EP (dsr078) - limited ed of 100 copies

100 copies - black vinyl white label wrapped in a big full color poster + additional poster - download coupon.

Just one year after the release of the release of "The Skies" LP, both an overtly ambitious introductory album and a proper journey through hyperspace and hypertime, Egyptology are back with both their first single, “The Skies EP”, and their first video work, directed by creative studio Mass Confusion. An album filled with possible films, atoms and parallel universes “The Skies”, was a tricky affair to illustrate and expand; Stéphane Laporte and Olivier Lamm waited a long time before they found artists harmonically in tune with their universe to do so. Kneading esoteric and oneiric inspirations close to those used by the duet, Elise Flory and Fard Mekbel had the idea of transcribing “The Skies” song, almost an end credits song to the album, into an “anti-film” of baroque and psychedelic tableaux, epileptic visual experimentations and lo-fi (VHS, HI8, Datamosh) directly echoing the “vintage” musical principles developed by Egyptology. The narration follows the life of matter,
from the atom to the infinite and “beyond the visible”.

As for the remixers, they all betray and disfigured “The Skies”, as all remixers should, in their own very peculiar manner: palimpsest-like, labyrinthine and encyclopaedic for TIgersushi’s ambient crawlers Principles of Geometry: a jet engine for acid Arabic music purveyor Crackboy (Acid Arab/I’m A Cliché), a tree of life for American Kraut Synth maniacs Bitchin Bajas (Important Records / Drag City Records) and a heroic transfiguration for label mates Yeti Lane.

Please do get into the wormhole, you’re in for a trip.

A1. The Skies (album version)
A2. The Skies (Crackboy remix)
A3. The Skies (Principles Of Geometry remix)

B1. The Skies (video version)
B2. The Skies (baja imperial mixxx by Bitchin Bajas)
B3. The Skies (yeti Lane remix)

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